From the Rabbi

שלום חסידים

שנה טובה

Shalom Chasidim,

Shanah Tovah!

Greetings saints (mercy or kindness do-ers)!

Happy New Year!  (literally “good year”)

We are starting the year and this Shabbat [01-04-2020] with a Hebrew Honey Shabbat class at 9:15 am.   A light breakfast will be served at 9:oo am.   Don Kurtz is cooking so it will be a delicious breakfast!

The class, open to all, will be a look at some Hebrew “honey” from the book of Ruth.   “Honey” being sweet and insightful understanding from the Hebrew in this short, but meaningful book of the Bible.   Everyone coming to the class is encouraged to learn the Hebrew alphabet.   We will take some class time, especially in January, to discuss and review the alphabet.

During our Shabbat service we will be continuing the series “Gems from Genesis”.   We are currently in Genesis 2 and taking some extra time with verse 9.   This may be one of the most important yet often overlooked and misunderstood verses in the scriptures.

Looking forward to a year of sweet and special fellowship with Messiah and with all the Sanctuary Messianic family.

In His grace,

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