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Illinois Family Institute’s

SEPTEMBER 18, 2015

For the first time ever, IFI will be hosting two esteemed speakers, both of whom are prolific authors.

Anthony Esolen is a professor of English at Providence College in Rhode Island, senior editor at Touchstone Magazine and a contributor to both LifeSiteNews andCrisis Magazine.

Douglas Wilson is the senior minister at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho; faculty member of New Saint Andrews College; one of the editors of the homeschooling Omnibus series; and apologist extraordinaire whose debates with famed atheist Christopher Hitchens were documented in the film Collision.

There are no better speakers than Professor Esolen and Pastor Wilson to help shed light on the path forward for Christians in the aftermath of the arrogant and foolish Supreme Court same-sex faux-marriage decision. They demonstrate the kind of courage, wisdom, vision, and boldness desperately needed in such a time as this.

How should Christians think about and respond to the many challenges that face us as parents raising children, neighbors extending hospitality, citizens engaged in self-government, and employers and employees in a culture increasingly hostile to truth? What is morally permissible for Christian citizens and what is impermissible? What are our obligations to God and society?

Professor Esolen and Pastor Wilson will offer answers to these vexing questions, and they will answer questions clearly. No ambiguous, strategic equivocating.

Here is a sampling of the kinds of things we may hear from Professor Esolen and Pastor Wilson.

Professor Esolen:

Kennedy has gotten everything wrong, as ambitious sentimentalists are wont to do. Man is worthy of our reverence as man. But his thoughts are worthy of our reverence only insofar as they are true. His deeds are worthy of our reverence only insofar as they are virtuous; and virtue is grounded in truth. I must revere the thief as man; I must not revere him as a thief, because he would be a better man, and more the man he was made to be, were he not a thief. I must revere the sodomite as man, not as sodomite, because he would be a better man if he could integrate his desires and his deeds with the reality of his body. The truth of the sexes, male and female, is stamped upon their bodies, so clearly that even children understand it. To treat a man with reverence is to honor that manhood, what is given to him in the structure of his mind and body; it is not something he has chosen. To treat a man as if he were a woman is to do violence to that manhood and that body. Need we spell this out?

Here finally I hear a soft and simpering voice, the last gasp of the lie. “But what harm will it do to pretend that the two men are married, even if, strictly speaking, they aren’t? Can’t we simply shrug and go about our business?” No, we can’t. Justice Kennedy is a kindly sentimentalist, but kindliness divorced from truth is no real virtue….Ignoring reality, ignoring the law of our being, ignoring the peculiar goodness of the sexes, is always foolish, even when it is not downright evil. You may pretend that such truths do not exist, just as you may pretend that you can suspend the law of gravity as you step off the edge of a cliff. Nature, and Nature’s God, are not required to oblige your fantasy.

And Christians of all people should remember the one whom Jesus called the father of lies.

Pastor Wilson:

In the aftermath of the Obergefell decision by the Supreme Court, a lot of Christian parents are reeling. They know they must do something, but what can they do? The decision was so high-handed, so arbitrary, so insolently rendered, that it would be easy to assume that there is nothing we can do about it down here at street level.

But this is false. There are many steps we can take, and some of the first ones are steps we must take. Here is one that millions of parents could take in just a small number of weeks—they could pull their kids out of the government school system.

The necessity of doing this has been growing increasingly obvious every year, and now the need for it is open, manifest, and pretty much on fire. What can Christian parents do? If their kids are already receiving a Christian education, they can be encouraged and stand fast — and they can use the opportunity to openly appeal to Christian friends who still have their kids in the government school system. And if they themselves still have kids where their kids ought not to be… well, this is the perfect opportunity to bolt. If anybody asks why, a reasonable answer would be anything in the neighborhood of “fire on the mountain, run, boys, run!”

…If your children remain in the government schools, there is now no legal way for them to be taught any normal view of human sexuality. And, depend upon it, they will be taught the other kinds.

We at IFI look forward to seeing you on September 18! Bring your older children, parents, friends, neighbors, and church leaders. This will be a very special night.

Order your tickets now!

Event Details:

Illinois Family Institute
Faith, Family and Freedom Banquet

Friday, September 18 , 2015
The Stonegate Banquet & Conference Center
2401 W. Higgins Road
Hoffman Estates, Illinois  60169

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For Your Attention: From Illinois Family Institute

via Progressive Educators’ Dreams for Other People’s Children | Illinois Family Institute

Progressive Educators’ Dreams for Other People’s Children

Progressive Educators’ Dreams for Other People’s Children

Written By Laurie Higgins   |   04.09.15


Since Christians are sending their children to government schools—often out of necessity—where they will be taught that soul-destroying homoerotic activity is good and that disapproval of it is hateful, parents should be aware of what many liberal teachers think of them and their beliefs.

Rich Robinson, homosexual high school English teacher from Freeport High School in Freeport, Maine sends email messages to IFI in which he expresses views that many “progressive” teachers hold but are too cagey to admit publicly. Here are two that he sent to IFI recently:

  1. “It is nothing short of exhilarating to see Laurie Higgins quiver in anger because a learned and caring nation says her vitriol and Indiana’s covert attempt to discriminate have been called out in grand fashion. Laurie, own your hate. State your hate. Terms like homoerotic are silly and a reflection of your infantile hurt because you just can’t get your way. Sorry, silly bigot. You just don’t get to deny others because you hate them. Welcome to a world of responsible inclusion.”
  1. “Squirm Laurie squirm. Other than today and your implosion from hate, I look forward to June when, perhaps, you will, then, explode in your own version of a nuclear cataclysm brought about by a SCOTUS decision that relegates you to the ancient history of bigotry.”

Yes, nothing says “responsible inclusion” (or tolerance or respect for diversity) quite like the protests against religious liberty that took place in Indiana last week—or the email messages Robinson sends to IFI.

Unfortunately, the government is paying people like this to shape the hearts and minds of other people’s children. The government is paying people like Robinson who think the embrace of homoeroticism is evidence of learnedness and compassion to train up our children in the way they should go.

Robinson waxes indignant that I often use the term “homoeroticism” in addition to “homosexuality.” A few years ago, a homosexual activist in California became similarly enraged because in an email exchange with him I would not kowtow to his demand that I use “gay” rather than “homosexual.” Their rage illuminates the strategic and epistemic importance of language in this culture war.

A note of explanation about my choice of “homoerotic” seems in order.

The term “sexual” denotes both sexual complementarity (or sexual differentiation) and sexual reproduction:

“occurring between or involving the two sexes; reproducing by processes involving both sexes” (Random House Dictionary of the English Language),

“of, pertaining to, or designating reproduction involving the union of male and female gametes” (The American Heritage Dictionary),

“pertaining to sex as concerned in generation or in the processes connected in this” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Another definition of “sexual” pertains to “erotic activity,” but so as to avoid any confusion when discussing same-sex hanky-panky—which is inherently sterile—“homoerotic” seems a more precise and fitting linguistic choice.

The redefinition of terms by homosexual activists and their petulant demands that their terms and theirs alone be used should illuminate why we must resist their demands for linguistic conformity. Like Rumpelstiltskin, homosexuals stamp their angry little feet when their words are found out. Then, trembling with fear, thin-skinned conservatives capitulate, choosing to use the Left’s white-washing diction rather than be called names by no-name-calling, anti-bullying Rumpelstiltskins.

On Friday, April 17, a homosexuality-affirming socio-political protest is taking place at most highs schools and increasing numbers of middle schools. This protest is called the Day of Silence, and it’s sponsored by the partisan, Leftist organization, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), whose raison d’être is to exploit public schools, captive minor audiences, and legitimate anti-bullying sentiment to advance their ultimate goal of eradicating conservative moral beliefs.  Many schools even permit teachers to participate by wearing Day of Silence t-shirts or other paraphernalia.

For example, the “gay”-straight alliance at Glenbard East, PRISM, has been selling Day of Silence t-shirts to students and faculty, many of whom will be wearing them according to a school administrator. Although an announcement was made to students and teachers were invited to participate, parents were  not notified, nor is the Day of Silence identified on the school website or school calendar.

Parents should be demanding that school administrations notify all parents that the Day of Silence is taking place, that GLSEN is the sponsoring organization, that both students may be refusing to speak in class, and that teachers may be participating by wearing Day of Silence paraphernalia.

For a better sense of what is taking place within schools, click here to see a snapshotof what took place in a New York middle school four years ago:

Conservative students and teachers know full well that the Day of Silence is aimed at silencing the expression of conservative moral beliefs, which makes this annual event a day of discomfort for those who don’t affirm GLSEN’s beliefs about homosexuality.

In a recent Huffington Post article titled “I Have Come To Indoctrinate Your Children Into the LGBTQ Agenda (And I’m Not a Bit Sorry),” homosexual activist S. Bear Bergman makes clear the ultimate intent of homosexual activism—which isnot to end bullying:

I am here to tell you: All that time I said I wasn’t indoctrinating anyone with my beliefs about gay and lesbian and bi and trans and queer people? That was a lie. All 25 years of my career as an LGBTQ activist, since the very first time as a 16-year-old I went and stood shaking and breathless in front of eleven people to talk about My Story, I have been on a consistent campaign of trying to change people’s minds about us…. That is absolutely my goal. I want to make your children like people like me and my family, even if that goes against the way you have interpreted the teachings of your religion. I want to be present in their emotional landscapes as a perfectly nice dad and writer who is married to another guy. Who used to be a girl (kind of)….

….That is our job: to encourage people, especially children, to think differently about a subject than they do now. To…allow the light of truth and fairness to shine in.…

At the moment, I am helping to put the finishing touches on a series of children’s books that all feature lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer kids or families. There are six books…filled with girls and women doing cool things, page upon page of kids enacting their own identities in joyous and peaceful ways…. hey have lesbian mums and gay dads and big extended queer chosen families; some are gender-independent.

If that makes me an indoctrinator, I accept it. Let me be honest — I am not even a little bit sorry.

A national coalition of pro-family organizations is urging parents to keep their children home from school on the Day of Silence if their school will be permitting students to refuse to speak in class or if faculty, staff, or administrators will be wearing Day of Silence paraphernalia, including t-shirts. Click here and scroll down to see all coalition partners.

Keeping children home for one day to protest the exploitation of public schools does not prevent students from being salt and light, which they can do on the other 185 days of the school year.

And keeping kids home is not directed at students who experience unchosen same-sex attraction.

Rather, keeping kids home on this one day is a protest against administrations that are allowing Leftist political events into the classroom and allowing teachers to participate. If conservatives continue in their acquiescence, pro-homosexual activism will increase and further metastasize into our elementary schools.

The next time someone points out that Millennials—including even Christian Millennials—are becoming more “gay”-affirming, we should by now know why. And it’s not because they are organically “evolving” in the direction of truth and wisdom. This particular arc of the moral universe has been deliberately bent and not toward justice.

Last Call for IFI’s Worldview Conference
featuring Dr. Del Tackett
April 10-11, 2015

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Anti-RFRA Bill In U.S. Senate | Illinois Family Institute

For those who wish to become involved in this issue, here is some information for you.

Anti-RFRA Bill In U.S. Senate Action   |   Written By David E. Smith   |   07.15.14

Anti-RFRA Bill In U.S. Senate


This is a very pointed attack against conservative people of faith everywhere. Please take a few moments now to ask U.S. Senator Mark Kirk to oppose the misleadingly titled “Protect Women’s Health From Corporate Interference Act of 2014.” This liberty-quashing bill runs contrary to the religious liberty that Americans hold dear and the ruling the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a few weeks ago.

Take ACTION: Click HERE to send and email or a fax to U.S. Senator Kirk urging him to reject S. 2578.

via Anti-RFRA Bill In U.S. Senate | Illinois Family Institute.